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Welcome to Stříbrné Tlapky / Silver Paws

Silver little paws – handmade production of silver portraits of pets


Jewels and animals fascinate us. From everlasting.


We believe in the magical power of jewels and in the animal symbolism. We project our human characteristics into the animals. And for example the wedding ring means for us the most precious symbol – the promise of love for all life. We love animals and jewels for their noble elegance and beauty.

And what could be more elegant than their connection?

Our jewels will be also in memory of your favourite animal.  For your dog, cat or horse – for your adored pet. Whether you choose a ring, earrings or a pendant, it will mean for you the sense of closeness of your pet. The memory which you will never miss. Or an original present which can make everyone happy. And what more? 

Each of your jewels will be unique

For your every pet you have got a different memory. Because of this jewel will be unique in the same way. We can make it for you exactly according to the appearance of your four – legged pet. On the basis of some photo or other keepsake you have got of him.

We can realize your memory into the silver jewel. And the faithful similarity will breathe new life into cold metal. 

When you take our jewels in your hands, you can immediately feel something special. Rings, earrings or pendants – you can always feel something special, touch of something unrepeatable. And if you look closer, you can find remarkable details on jewels and evidence of craftsmanship.   

Celebrating friendship of a man with an animal deserves attention. Extraordinary. That’s why we pay attention to every jewel.  

Whether these are earrings, ring or pendant, all our products are delicate filigree. And handmade in the traditional Prague jewellery Hanyš. The jewels are from the pure silver with the option of gold plating or decorating by Bohemian garnets or zircon stones. The metal, which we will use for your jewel, will be hallmarked silver of fineness 925/1000 and gold of fineness 585/1000.

And when some memory, then permanent

That’s why we offer rhodium – surface treatment against loss of lustre, which can provide longevity for the beauty of jewels. We are particular about honesty paid handwork but we know, that you will be in a hurry for the selected jewel.

That’s why we bring the finished jewel to you within 3 working days.

And when you will order the memory of your pet in the price above 900 CZK,-, we will bring the jewel to your home for free.

Look into our gallery, choose a draw inspiration.

Výroba a prodej šperků - Silver Paws Stříbrné Tlapky